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Whether you’re an experienced fly fisher, or have never picked up a fly rod, a guided trip with us will be a day you’ll remember.  If you’re new to the sport, let us help de-mystify some of the myths of the sport (it’s really not that difficult).  If you’re an experienced angler, we’ll show you what fly to use and where to throw it.  Hopefully you’ll learn a new trick or two as well.  Our guides are both accomplished instructors and boatmen, and will show you a great day on the river.  We like to be out there when the fishing is good.  If that means getting on the river before sun up, or staying out till after dark, we’ll be there.   You’ve hired us to help you catch fish, and that’s our main goal.  Along the way you’ll enjoy some great scenery, food and company.


Because we guide on several different river systems, you’ll have to decide where you want to fish.  If your trip date is already set, give us a call and let us help you decide which river will be fishing best at that time. 


If you haven’t picked a date yet, check out our river descriptions to give you an idea of what to expect on different rivers during each month of the year.   At certain times, fishing a couple of rivers “road trip” style can be a great way to see the variety of fishing and scenery Montana has to offer.


If you have never been on a guided fly fishing trip before, you may be a little intimidated.  Don’t be.  No matter what your skill level, our guides have seen it.  Many first time anglers assume that guides spend every day fishing with expert anglers.  While that’s sometimes true, most of our time is spent with fishermen of novice to intermediate ability.  You can expect our guides to do everything possible to make your day a success.  That may include getting on the river before the crowds, or spending some time working on casting before the trip begins.  It won’t include yelling at you for blowing a cast or losing a fish.  Catching fish is our primary goal, but not at the expense of having a good time.

If you’re an experienced fly fisherman (or woman), we’re here to help you improve, no matter how much experience you have.  Let us know what techniques you like or don’t.  If you prefer boat fishing to wading, tell us.  While we can’t make Pale Morning Duns hatch or the wind stop blowing, we’ll do everything we can to tailor a guide trip to your preferences.  We want you to catch fish, learn more about the sport, and have an enjoyable day.


Rods … should be 8 ½  – 10 foot, fast action,  for line weights 4 to 7.  In the hands of experienced casters, 3 and 4 weight rods are fine on calm days, but when the wind kicks up, you’ll want more rod.  For streamer fishing on windy days, I prefer a 7 weight.  I can supply you with rods for the day at no charge.

Reels… should be reliable and capable of holding at least 50 yards of backing.  Large arbor reels are great for picking up line after a long run by a big Missouri or Clark Fork trout.

Wading Gear… breathable chest waders are best.  Bring plenty of poly-pro and fleece undergarments in case of cold weather.  During the middle of summer, shorts and wading boots are often all that’s needed.

Clothing… It is important to be prepared for all kinds of weather, from 30 degrees and snow to 90 degrees and windy (it’s possible to have both in one day).  Throw a fleece hat and gloves in your tackle bag just in case.  Rain jackets are a must all year.

Tackle…  I provide all flies, leaders, tippets, etc.  If you want to bring your own, give me a call and I’ll send you a list that pertains to the river you’ll be fishing and the time of year.

Other…  Sunscreen, brimmed hat, polarized sunglasses, camera, bug repellent.


If you’re interested in booking a trip, call or email us with the dates you have in mind.  It’s always best to book well in advance, especially if you are locked into specific dates.  After booking a trip, we’ll send you a confirmation letter and information regarding lodging.  If you would like us to reserve rooms, make dinner reservations, or help in any other way, don’t hesitate to ask.