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Kispiox 2.jpg - 71954 BytesTube flies are slowly gaining popularity with Amercan anglers as they travel and fish with their European and Canadian counterparts who use them often and successfully.  Almost any fly can be adapted to a tube, although they are primarily used for anadromous species (Steelhead, Salmon, etc.) or for bluewater fishing (Billfish, Dorado, Roosterfish, etc.).  Most of my tubes are designed and tied for Steelhead and Salmon fishing, but I do tie some bluewater tubes. 

The first advantage of using a tube fly is flexibility.  Tube flies can be tied a variety of lengths and weights of tubes.  In other words, a fly can be tied on a shorter plastic tube that will barely break the surface, or on a longer, heavy brass tube that will reach the deepest points in a pool.  This is a big advantage to anglers who prefer to fish with a floating line.  Anglers can also choose their own hooks when using a tube fly.  While some are better than others, almost any hook can be used with a tube.  Those who prefer larger hooks can use them on the same fly another angler would use a very small hook.

The second, and most important advantage, is hooking and holding power.  Many tube flies have the tube placed well back in relation to the fly.  This decreases the chance for a short strike (the same principal as my stinger flies).   Traditionally, short shank hooks are used with tube flies.  Short shank hooks are far less likely to twist out of a fish when hooked.  For those who like to fish large patterns but are frustrated by losing fish, tube flies are the solution.  You can now fish a large fly, with a short shanked, heavywire hook that will hold that fish of a lifetime.

All of my tube flies come with hooks.  Please specify whether you would like a single, double or treble hook (double and treble hooks are usually used only in Iceland, Russia, and Europe).  I encourage you to try them.  Send me a sample of your favorite Steelhead (or other) pattern and I’ll adapt it to a tube.

Below you will find some examples of the patterns I tie and the colors that are most popular.  If something is not here, or a color is not shown, that doesn’t mean I don’t tie it.  If you have any further questions, please give me a call or Email me at the address listed at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions about tubes, tube techniques, or tube fly patterns, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

HV tube.JPG - 16988 Bytes HIGH VOLTAGE
A Tube version of Jim Holcombs killer late season pattern.  Usually tied on a 1″ light brass tube.  Can be tied in the round (as shown), or tied Scandinavian (winged) style if desired. Hook included.  $4.00 
undertaker tube.JPG - 19314 Bytes PEACOCK UNDERTAKER
A Tube version of my favorite grease-line pattern.  I usually use brass tube versions in larger sizes for use in heavier water.  Can also be tied “micro” style on small plastic tubes.  $4.00 
temple dogs.JPG - 17504 Bytes TEMPLE DOGS
A style more than a pattern, Temple Dogs are the “winged” style flies popular in Sweden and Russia.  These most resemble traditional north American Steelhead patterns and can be adapted to any traditional fly.  $2.50 
frances.JPG - 16628 Bytes THE FRANCES
A must have for Iceland.  Popularized by Dr. Jonas Jonasson(Iceland), this prawn imitation tied in a variety of colors is claimed to be the most popular fly in Iceland.  Looks like it would work for Steelhead on the Dean as well….  $2.50 
tube cone.JPG - 17427 Bytes MARABOU TUBES
Very popular in B.C. and on the Skagit River in Washington.  Basically a series of tubes based on George Cooks popular marabou flies.  Tied as a standard tube in plastic or brass, or as a cone-tube (shown). Hook included.  $3.00 
blue lt blk shp.JPG - 14808 Bytes SMALL TUBE FLIES
  I tie a variety of smaller tube fly patterns that are effective for Steelhead and Salmon.  “Grease line” type steelhead flies are often adapted to this style of tube.  Shown are the Blue Lightning (Wotton) and Black Sheep. $3.00 
blk blu blk bear.JPG - 15751 Bytes MICRO-TUBES
Very small, sparse patterns tied on plastic tubes.  Popularized in Iceland, they are must haves for Atlantic Salmon fishing in that country.  More and more anglers are using them for Sea-trout, Salmon and Steelhead elswhere.  Great in low-water situations. Specify single or treble hook.  $2.50 
hitch tubes.JPG - 17736 Bytes HITCH-TUBES
Similar to micro-tubes, but with a small hole poked in the side of the tube.  Your leader is threaded through the hole and the hook is attatched.  This creates a “hitch” effect which keeps the fly waking.  Very popular in Iceland.  Specify single or treble hook.  $2.50 

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