Tierra Del Fuego and it’s tremendous runs of Sea-run Brown trout has definitely become one of the top angling destinations in the world.  Flies for these large, anadromous fish need to be tied on heavy hook and be very durable.  Many of my orders are for traditional patterns (Prince, Yuk Bug, etc.), but tied on special hooks that are strong enough, even in sizes as small as #12, to hold these huge fish.  My Flashback X produces very well and larger patterns, such as the String Leech and Stinger Sculpin , are also used.  I also tie a variety of more traditional British Sea Trout patterns.

Below you will find some examples of the patterns I tie and the colors that are most popular.  If something is not here, or a color is not shown, that doesn’t mean I don’t tie it.  If you have any further questions, please give me a call or Email me at the address listed at the bottom of the page.


Peacock Undertaker Dbl.JPG - 18581 Bytes PEACOCK UNDERTAKER
Undertakers are popular traditional patterns that produce well on the Rio Grande and Gallegos.  My peacock winged version works great, often tied on double hooks.  $2.50 single  $3.50 double
Green Machine.JPG - 14264 Bytes GREEN MACHINE
A popular Atlantic Salmon fly, the Green Machine has become a standard for Sea-runs.  Fished on both floating and sinking lines, it is generally used in small sizes.  $2.50
TDF Caddis Peacock.JPG - 16292 Bytes TDF CADDIS
A small peacock bodied version of a steelhead caddis. Can be fished dry with a hitch, or damp.  Tied on a heavy wire steelhead hook, usually used in sizes 6-12.  $2.25
Flashfire Muddler.JPG - 16462 Bytes FLASHFIRE MUDDLER
This fly makes a great surface pattern either hitched or fished damp.  The angel hair wing and body reflect a tremendous amount of light.  Tied on a heavy wire steelhead hook, usually used in sizes 4-8.  $2.25
Yuck.JPG - 15060 Bytes YUK BUG
A standard on the Rio Grande.  Similar to the standard Yuk Bug used in the West, but tied on Gamakatsu’s 6x strong Steelhead hook with a little flash in the tail.  $2.25
Flashback X flat.JPG - 15468 Bytes FLASHBACK X
During last year’s drought in TDF, I was asked to come up with a gold bead nymph with long, black rubber legs. I’ve used this as an attractor for years and it proved to be a killer on the Rio Grande. This fly works for trout everywhere.  Tied on Gamakatsu’s 3x nymph hook available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
Flashback XHairE.JPG - 16047 Bytes FLASHBACK X HARE’S EAR
Same as the Flashback X, but a hare and copper version.  Copper mylar dubbing at thorax makes this fly stand out.  A lighter colored alternative to all of the dark nymph patterns used for sea-trout in Argentina. Tied on Gamakatsu’s 3x nymph hook available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
Ke He.JPG - 15033 Bytes KE HE
A favorite with the guides on the Rio Grande, this traditional European sea-trout fly is a must have.  Tied with or without bead heads and rubber legs.  Also known as a bomber. Tied on Gamakatsu’s 3x nymph hook available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
Sturdys Fancy.JPG - 15298 Bytes STURDY’S FANCY
Basically a white rubber legged version of the Ke He.  It’s important to have both black and white rubber legs in your arsenal.  Tied with or without bead heads and rubber legs.  Another traditional sea-trout pattern popular with Argentine guides.  Tied on Gamakatsu’s 3x nymph hook available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
Blue Donegal.JPG - 17296 Bytes BLUE DONEGAL
Another traditional pattern from the British Isles that has been Americanized with a bead and rubber legs.  Good low light colors.  Tied on Gamakatsu’s 3x nymph hook available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
Prine Nymphs, Zug Bugs, Hares Ears, etc.  All of the common American attractor nymphs are used in Tierra Del Fuego.  Just let me know what you would like.  All are tied on a special Gamakatsu 3x strong short nymph hook. Very sharp!  Available in #8, #10, #12.  $2.25
TDF Yellow.JPG - 15855 Bytes YELLOW CHENILLE
An older simple British Sea Trout fly that works well in Argentina.  The feather wings move well in the water.  Important to have some yellow patterns with you.  $2.25
String Leech Black.JPG - 16656 Bytes STRING LEECHES
The same as my steelhead string leech.  Generally used in black only for sea-trout, but purple and blue are also used.  Especially effective during evening light or high water conditions.  Can be tied weighted or unweighted.  $2.75
Stinger Sculpin.JPG - 15592 Bytes STINGER SCULPIN
This deadly Montana brown trout streamer is just as effective in Argentina as in the states.  The black/yellow and olive/white versions are the most effective for sea-trout.  $2.75

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