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Although I’m not a saltwater expert, I do tie a number of patterns for both the flats and blue-water.  All of my Flats Flies are tied on Gamakatsu’s 3X strong bonefish hook, which are the strongest and sharpest hooks available .  Anglers headed to areas with large bonefish and permit will appreciate this.

The Fury Shrimp is my only original flats pattern.  Several years ago I gave four of these to a buddy headed to the Bahamas.  When he returned he informed me that they were the only four flies he used all week.  Since then, I’ve heard the same great report from everyone who has used it.

Aside from the Fury Shrimp, I tie the traditional patterns associated with Christmas Island, the Seychelles, Cuba and the Bahamas.  If you’re headed to any of these places for the first time, I can put together a selection of recommended flies.

Below you will find some examples of the patterns I tie and the colors that are most popular.  If something is not here, or a color is not shown, that doesn’t mean I don’t tie it.  If you have any further questions, please give me a call or Email me at the address listed at the bottom of the page.

FuryShrimp.JPG - 16557 Bytes FURY SHRIMP
My only original flats pattern.  This fly has never failed in the Bahamas. The “furry” material looks incredible when wet.  Usually used in size #6, but often in #4’s if rubber legs are added.  $2.50  tan, pink, grass 
Gotcha.JPG - 14144 Bytes GOLD GOTCHA
The most popular fly in the Bahamas.  All of my custom orders are for Gotchas with gold Krystal Flash instead of the traditional pearl.  Tied with heavy brass hourglass eyes (shown) or lighter beadchain eyes.  $2.50
Clouser.JPG - 16391 Bytes CLOUSER MINNOWS
An old school fly that is very popular in remote areas of the Bahamas and in the Seychelles, where large, unmolested bonefish are present.  Still very effective in more heavily fished areas.  Tied with lead eyes (shown) or beadchain eyes.  $2.50
LightweightClouser.JPG - 14657 Bytes LIGHTWEIGHT CLOUSER
A lightweight version of the best fly in the world.  Tied sparse, with craft fur in tan and white.  Light bead chain eyes or “blind” with no eyes at all.  Can be tied in a variety of colors.  $2.50
XmasGrp.JPG - 17529 Bytes XMAS CHARLIES
Charlies tied specifically for Christmas Island
Always with brass hourglass eyes (corresponding to hook size).  These flies are very sparse and have lots of flash.  These colors come directly fron the guides on Christmas Island.  $2.50  fire, chili pepper, brown, pink
Crazy Charlies are the original bonefish fly.  Used at all bonefish destinations in a variety of colors, sizes and weights (including unweighted or “blind”).  Several colors pictured on the left, but design your own color scheme and I’ll tie it for you.  $2.50  chartruse, copper/tan, white, pink, olive

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