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Most of my Atlantic Salmon flies are tied for Russian rivers, but I also tie flies for anglers heading to Eastern Canada, the British Isles, Iceland, and Scandinavia.  Flies are tied on both single and double hooks, depending on local or angler preference.  Tubes are also very popular, especially for Iceland and Scandinavia.

Traditional hairwings, such as the Green Highlander, Silver Doctor and Rusty Ratt, are still the most popular on most salmon rivers.  The exceptions are the small, floss body hairwing patterns popular in Eastern Canada and Iceland.  Hairwing orders are usually comprised of both single and double hooks.   Many flies for Russia’s Kola Peninsula are tied “long wing” style, especially for late season fishing.  Bombers and Muddlers are popular on all Salmon rivers, as well as large Wulff patterns.  Many of the patterns listed below are tied as tubes as well.

Below you will find some examples of the patterns I tie and the colors that are most popular.  If something is not here, or a color is not shown, that doesn’t mean I don’t tie it.  If you have any further questions, please give me a call or Email me at the address listed at the bottom of the page.

highlander flat.JPG - 15653 Bytes GREEN HIGHLANDER
One of the most well known of the traditional patterns.  Still very popular from Canada to Russia.  These hairwing versions are very durable.  Usually tied full (left), but can be tied long wing style for the Kola.   $2.75  
Rusty Rat G.JPG - 15191 Bytes RUSTY RAT
A very popular North American pattern that works everywhere.  Larger sizes are popular on the Kola Penninsula, smaller sizes for the rivers of Eastern Canada. Also tied in other colors such as silver, red, blue, etc.   $2.50
Cosseboom G.JPG - 15278 Bytes COSSEBOOM
Another North American pattern that has become popular on both sides of the Atlantic.  Definitely a must have for Eastern Canada.  $2.50
munroe flat.JPG - 16135 Bytes MUNROE KILLER
A British hairwing pattern.  Colors are proven for Atlantic Salmon everywhere.  Also tied long wing style for Russia or elswhere.  Also a good Steelhead fly.   $2.50
night hawk flat.JPG - 15694 Bytes NIGHTHAWK
The silver body and dark wing make a great combination.  Another long wing candidate for Russian waters.  $2.50  
silver dr flat.JPG - 15811 Bytes SILVER DOCTOR
A classic pattern that is used everywhere for Atlantic Salmon.  Very popular on the Kola rivers and for the Gaspe’ region. Often tied long-wing for Russia.  $2.75  
ponois.JPG - 18170 Bytes PONOI GREEN and RED
The Ponoi series are excellent dark patterns. Created for the Kola region, as the name implies, they also work well in Canada when tied in smaller sizes.  $2.50  
Allys shrimp flat.JPG - 18466 Bytes ALLY”S SHRIMP
This fly has never looked a whole lot like a shrimp to me, but the fish always seem to think it does.  Always on the lists of flies for Russia, it’s one of my favorites for BC Steelhead.  $2.50  original(red), green, orange 
The oldest and most popular prawn pattern.  These are excellent ties, using golden pheasant throughout.  The black version works great in high, colored water.  $2.75   black, orange, purple
Tippet Shrimp.JPG - 15703 Bytes TIPPET SHRIMP
Developed by Bill Hunter, this fly is very effective on the Kola Penninsula and has replaced the General Practitioner in some circles.  Commonly tied as a tube fly.  $2.50
bomber grp flat.JPG - 19651 Bytes BOMBERS
A very popular surface fly on both sides of the Atlantic.  Stiff moose wings and body keep this fly skating with no hitch. These are the best bombers available.  $2.75  purple/blue, chart., black/yellow, orange, natural
buck bugs.JPG - 18214 Bytes BUCK BUGS
Traditional pattern on the Miramachi and other East Coast waters.  It can be tied in a variety of color combinations, some of which are pictured on the right.  This fly has also become popular for sea-run browns in Tierra Del Fuego.  $2.25 

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