geese hunting NYFor the past ten years, I’ve been tying  flies for anglers headed to fishing destinations all over the world. Our custom fly tying service provides anglers with high quality flies specially tied for destinations such as Tierra Del Fuego, Russia’s Kola Peninsula, Christmas Island, British Columbia and the Seychelles.   Some patterns are original, many are variations of traditional flies, and all are tied on the highest quality hooks and with the best materials available.  The “hot” flies for many remote fisheries seem to change every year, and I usually know what they are.

I consider all orders custom, and do not have an online store.  I have tied hundreds of different patterns and am not going to list them all here.  In the fly sections, you’ll find some examples of the different styles of flies I tie.   If you need something that is not listed, give me a call. There are very few styles of flies I am not comfortable tying.  When placing an order, I want to discuss destination, species, size, hook style, weight, etc., with you before I begin tying. There is no minimum order. If you have any questions regarding possible orders, please give me a call or e-mail me and I’ll call you back.


For most of my orders, hook choice is critical and is often the reason for the order in the first place.  Store bought Steelhead and saltwater flies are usually tied on quality hooks, but the wire weight (strength) is often too light.  If you have a specific hook you would like me to use, please try to get the manufacturer and model number.  If unavailable, try to get me a sample fly.  I use hooks made by Gamakatsu, Tiemco, and Alec Jackson.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t get materials from any one company, but search for the highest quality and best colors, even if it costs a little more.  When placing an order, it is very helpful if you can supply a sample fly (even one that’s used and beat up).  This helps insure that I match the colors and materials as closely as possible.  You wouldn’t believe how many colors of purple there are!