Located just south of Cascade, MT., the Bull Run Guest Ranch has partnered with us to provide a great fishing /lodging package for Missouri River anglers.  Owners Joe and Leslie Trip are commited to providing outstanding service and hospitality for their guests.  You’ll be staying on a working ranch encompasing 15,000 (yes, thousand ) acres, and Joe, Leslie and their staff do a great job of tailoring to your schedule.  Bull Run provides clean, comfortable cabins that have just been completely renovated.  They also have a couple of remote “rustic” cabins for those who want to rough it a little.  Meals are served in the main lodge and are excellent.  Finally, a lodging alternative on the Missouri that offers service, food, scenery and hospitality in one package.

For the angler, Bull Run offers several advantages.  First of all, you’ll have access to over 3 miles of the Missouri.  The section the ranch lies along provides great evening fishing, and we’ll be able to make “unorthodox” float trips using private launches and take out points.  The property also encompasses the famous Sheep Creek Hole, as well as the lower couple miles of Sheep Creek.  You’ll have exclusive access to this great fishing hole.  When the fall Brown Trout run begins, this hole can produce some very big fish.  Bull Run will also offer us the opportunity to make a short float during the morning Trico’s, then take a long lunch back at the lodge (in the shade!), then head out for an evening float or wade fish along the ranch property after all the boats have passed.

For the adventurous, you can take a short horseback ride to the South Fork of Sheep Creek.  Set in a beautiful, private and remote canyon, the South Fork is a small stream that holds tons of 8 to 15 inch Browns; a great place for a 3 weight and some small attractors.  Bull Run has a day camp with a covered picnic area and outhouse…a great spot to take an afternoon siesta.  This backcountry fishing trip will be a great alternative for those who want that one “change of pace” day, to break up several days on the Missouri. The South Fork provides wilderness fishing, but without the time usually involved in accessing such places.  You can also hike into the South Fork, or ride in on 4 wheelers (experienced riders only).  The horseback trip is only 45 minutes, so it’s hard to argue against a beautiful ride through the mountains.  (There is an additional charge for the backcountry trip).

For bird hunters, Bull Run offers hunting for both waterfowl and upland game.  For those who have been requesting a “cast and blast” trip, here you go.  The ranch has excellent upland habitat, and holds good numbers of Pheasant, Sharptail and Hungarian Partridge.  Forest Grouse are also available, and for those who haven’t hunted Blue Grouse on high, timbered ridges in the Fall, you’re missing out.  After our first big freeze, waterfowl numbers on the Missouri can be staggering, and the ranch is located in the prime zone for both ducks and geese.  All birds on the ranch are wild, and the populations are managed carefully.  Bird hunting can be done guided or D.I.Y.

Bull Run Guest Ranch also offers other activities for non-anglers, or for fisherman who want to take a day off during their stay.  The ranch is known for it’s hiking, ORV riding, and horseback riding.  If those activities sound too strenuous, you can just unwind with a good book on the deck of your cabin.

The lodging facilites are simple, clean and offer great views combined with peace and quiet.  Meals are expertly prepared by “Chef Chuck”, and won’t leave you hungry.  Most importantly, the folks at Bull Run know that you’re here to fish, and will adjust meal times to your schedule.